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Psalm 19- Let the Words of My Mouth

by Bible Songs Instrumental

No Verse in the Bible Teaches Works SAL...
The Bible is Not All a Manual on How to go to Heaven Very little of the Bible is written to the unsaved. Only the...
March 23, 2023
Bibe Preaching on Salvation
These are different audio clips on salvation and other Bible preaching. Hope it is a blessing to you. ...
March 21, 2023
The Implication of False Prophecies
There are so many implications of false prophecies, and in this podcast, I will like to share with you the four im...
March 21, 2023
Preaching on Salvation
These episodes are different preachings on salvation, and it is going to bless your heart. Thank you so much for l...
March 20, 2023
Four Truths about Secret Sins
In this video, I explain the dangers of keeping secret sins especially when those secret sins are not forsaken. Th...
June 03, 2022
Churches that Preach Once Saved Always ...
In this episode, I explain the view of sins after a person is saved. Hope you enjoy God bless you. ...
July 03, 2021
The Buying and Selling in the Church
What does the Bible teach about buying and selling in the church. In this episode, you will learn what the Bible s...
July 03, 2021
The Book of John vs The Book of Romans
In this episode, I explain the difference between the book of John and the Book of Romans. And you will get to enj...
July 03, 2021
Did Judas Iscariot Lose His Salvation?
This episode is in defense of the doctrine of eternal security also known as once saved always saved.  Many p...
June 26, 2021
Why Do Some Denominations Teach that A ...
In this episode, I discuss why some believers think that a person can lose salvation. Why? Fellowship Baptist Chur...
May 21, 2021
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