No Longer Saved- Lost Salvation Again?

No Longer Saved? I have been asked about when being truly saved when you were a young person and then falling short on the glory of God and doing some really bad stuff like committing adultery and bad language. Does this mean you are no longer saved? How do you go about getting this off… Continue reading No Longer Saved- Lost Salvation Again?

Doubting Salvation

I often deal with people on this issue. Sometimes our feelings get in the way of our faith. But this does not mean that we are lost. Even saved people struggle with doubts and some struggle more than others. 1 John 5:13 states, “These things have I written unto you that believe on the name… Continue reading Doubting Salvation

What is Biblical Salvation

what is Biblical salvation

What is Biblical Salvation? Contrary to what you have been hearing, taught, and believed about what salvation is, there is only One truth about what God teaches about salvation of man’s salvation, and that is the goal of this booklet. There are so many views today about salvation. So many denominations have invented their… Continue reading What is Biblical Salvation