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Healing Today

Why can’t people today, heal as Christ instructed the disciples to do? I am not sure what I think of these so called healers you see on television?  I know God can heal through our prayer. I look forward to your response.

False Doctrine and The Child of God

The gift of healing is a very visibly miraculous gift. In scripture we see it being given on a very limited basis. There are some Old Testament prophets that had that ability, and in the New Testament we find Jesus healing and the apostles also. With that said, it is apparent that this is not something that was widespread. God is very stingy it seems in giving fallen man miraculous powers. I would think this would be indicative of wisdom on His part. I heard a preacher say once that if he had the gift of healing he would be working the wards of the terminally ill at hospitals 16 hours a day, 7 days a week until his body gave out. But he put one caveat with it…..”if I was an honest man.” In other words, if he was an honest man he would do this.

As far as I know, there is not one television healer that can produce a medically verified instance of healing. In fact, on multiple occasions these television celebrities have been shown to be out and out frauds. Benny Hinn is a very prominent example. A network TV documentary was recently run on Benny Hinn showing that when he travels he stays in hotel rooms costing upwards of $10,000 a night. When interviewed recently and asked if he really healed people he said: “well, I give them hope.” Hope yes, but a false hope. In the final analysis, I believe that all television healers are frauds. They may be sincerely self-deceived, but fraudulent nonetheless. These folks might want to go back and read Matthew 7:21-23

This point is further amplified in the fact that many modern faith healers claim those who do not receive healing from them did not have enough faith. Although Jesus said to the woman with an issue of blood in Mark 5:25-34
“thy faith hath made thee whole,” He often healed the faithless and on occasion did not even receive a thank you (Luke 17:12-17). The fact that TV healers claim your faith is a central issue to their ability to heal is indicative of their lack of credibility. In fact, the sign nature of the gift in scripture was to give faith, not require it. This ties in with your point about the age we are in determining gift availability. I believe that has a great deal to do with it. The Bible says explicitly that gifts were given during the apostolic ministry as a sign (1 Corinthians 14:22). However, the giving of gifts probably has less to do with the age, and more to do with the beginning or ending of an age, but age related nonetheless.

Does God Always Heal?

Another side issue that bears mentioning is the strong desire people have today for physical healing. Is that really spiritual? I don’t want to sound overly pious here, for I am just a man and understand what it means to cling to life here on earth. But the fact of the matter is that some folks see God’s healing in a very limited way that only involves the flesh in this world. But our faith tells us that God promises a miraculous healing that will last an eternity…..the redemption and resurrection of our bodies. This is our blessed hope. We are promised a glorified body similar to that of our Lord Jesus. Why do you hear so little about this today? Why do you hear little about folks that do not fear death as Paul (Philippians 1:21)?

Will Hoyt

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