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This article was published by Adrian Rogers daily devotional that I subscribed to, and I would love to share this amazing devotion with you.


…and run with patience the race that is set before us. Hebrews 12:1c


The word “patience” here doesn’t mean the ability to thread a needle, but literally means “endurance.” It means bearing up under a heavy load, a real challenge.

Are you looking for an easy way, a cheap way, a lazy way to serve God? All honey and no bees? A life of ease? You just want to say, “Oh, I’m so happy in Jesus.” Listen, the business of running this race means that you’re going to be working at it with all of your heart. When you watch someone running, do you notice how intense he is?

You may be on a sick bed or in a wheelchair. But no one is excluded. We are to “run” with endurance. If you’re in this race, you need to pray over it, you need to weep over it, you need to study over it, you need to work over it.


This matter of being saved and running the race is a full-time occupation. God does business with those who mean business.

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